Wearing: Surplus leopard


  • Old Navy surplus vest (seen here and here) and rib knit tank top
  • Forever 21 leopard print sweater (last seen here)
  • Target jeans
  • Boots – (no label) my old but trusty pair that I bought at Ross for some ridiculous price like $12.99 or something – hence the frugal search for a new pair. They really go with everything and are so comfortable that they’ve been hard to replace.

I bought this leopard print sweater at Forever 21. It was soft, stretchy and very light and almost sheer. One wash cycle later, the sleeves stretched out, and the top shrunk so that it now looks like a crop top. The neck also stretched out. 😦 So I decided I’d hide it with tank top underneath and my now trusty surplus vest on top. This vest is amazing. Who knew it’d be so versatile? It’s like a tough girl’s cardigan and is the perfect layering piece. I can’t wait for the cooler weather to stay so I can do even more layering with it. (We’re back in the mid 80s this week!)


7 thoughts on “Wearing: Surplus leopard

  1. That is so disappointing on the leopard shirt. I really like it, but that is terrible a shirt shouldn’t ruin in one wash. Love the look and I hope you are able to find a pair of boots. I am still keeping my eyes open!

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