Wearing: Pink and camel

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Guess what? I bought the blazer for three dollars and the top and pants were both less than ten. I love a great bargain, especially on great pieces like these. I bought these pants at the beginning of the summer when LOFT was clearing out their winter items. And then I forgot about them. I actually had a pair of camel colored pants on my wishlist when fall was around the corner because I had forgotten about these. Eek. And then I saw them in my closet and it was like Christmas!

As I’ve learned how to bargain hunt, I’ve learned how to shop off season. Buy what you don’t need (immediately) at a rock bottom price is my motto. I do this for myself and my two kids. Just like thrifting, it takes patience and a little bit of knowledge – about your personal style, classic pieces and upcoming trends. These pants fit the bill in all three categories for me.

Personal style: You have to understand your own style because when something is off season and at a great price, it may be tempting to buy it, but it will also end up collecting dust in your closet because it’s not something you’ll actually wear. I like slim silhouettes, especially in pants. I’m short so the slimmer the pant, the taller and leaner I look. I also work in a business casual office where these pants would get plenty of wear.

Classic pieces: What’s not classic about a slim pair of camel colored pants?

Upcoming trends: A majority of the time, I rely on finding pieces that suit my personal style when buying clearance and sale items, but it is important to know what is going to be hot next season. Where I live, it just seems like trends take longer to ‘trend’ so most items that I find on the clearance racks were discarded when sold but will be hot next season.

I got lucky, I fell in love with these when they were going out of season. The trend right now? Anything camel. From skirts to pants to blazers, camel is right on for this fall. It’s the perfect way to fall-atize your summer brights. Just like I did with this outfit by pairing it with the pink blazer.

Remember this image from my Fall 2011 forecast?

I did a google search to find out more about their Scuba pants, I found that Jean of Extra Petite reviewed these and I have to agree with her that the fabric is a sweatpant feeling material (only softer and more luxurious), but it doesn’t look that way at all. Perfectly acceptable wear for the office. You’ll feel like you’re in sweatpants though, these are so comfortable. LOFT has several items in their Scuba line. It looks like they exchanged the slim silhouette of last fall for the flare leg this season.

I have so many bargain pieces that it’s hard to narrow it down to even just a few favorites. This is definitely one of them and so is the blazer I’ll be sporting tomorrow. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Wearing: Pink and camel

  1. I got the other pants from the Loft scuba line for my mom in gray! She says the same thing, very comfy and easy to wear. These are great bargain hunting tips! I am definitely a fan of shopping in the off season or getting the last of something. I know my style and what works and doesn’t!

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