Wearing: Mustard and olive

A VERY casual look. I can get away with this at work, yes I can. I don’t do it often but most others do so why not on a lazy day?

rhinestone necklace, vintage necklaceWearing:

  • Gap stripled tee (thrifted)
  • Old Navy surplus vest; use this Old Navy coupon for 30% off (good thru 9/22) or if you have an ON/Gap card, get 40% off with this coupon
  • Old Navy chino pants
  • Boots from The Icing (you read that right, The ICING – they were on clearance for $5 early in the spring)
  • The necklace with the larger stones is from American Eagle (similar)and the other I bought on ebay searching for ‘vintage rhinestones’. Check out this one with black baguettes – LOVE!
  • BaubleBar wrap, Forever 21 pyramid spike bracelet, DIY wrap bracelet

I didn’t sleep well Sunday night because my son was sick, hence the super casual outfit. WARNING: if you have a weak stomach, please exit now. Poor lil guy was throwing up all day and he HATED it. I think he actually managed to swallow it back a few times. Gross, I know, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Every time he started to get sick, he would shake his head and scream “No, no, no!” He seemed like he was doing better towards the end of the night, but after I read to him, he was laying there and got sick all over himself and the bedsheets so I had to bathe him and change the sheets. I slept with him in case he got sick in the middle of the night – which he didn’t – but he got up a few times and LOOKED (and sounded) like he was going to, except that he would stop himself. He’s doing better today! He told me he’s ‘all better now’ and he seemed more like his crazy happy self this morning.


18 thoughts on “Wearing: Mustard and olive

  1. Oooo poor kid, stomach flu is the worst when you are little because you feel lousy but vomiting is just a horrible sensation. I am glad he is feeling better. Now…from looking at you, I’d never suspect a ill child at home…seriously Ying…I don’t know how you do it! $5 for those boots???? NICE!

    • Thanks B! Yeah, don’t know what he got, I thought it might be teething too – I noticed his back molars were really starting to come out and he kept sticking his fingers back there, but it’s hard to say. Vomiting in general IS awful.

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