Purchased: Cognac boots

ankle boots, ankle boots with jeansBringing out the boots! It’s finally gotten chilly enough here to require a jacket, or in my case, a blazer.

I ordered a pair of boots from HauteLook weeks ago and FINALLY got them in. It only took for.ever. I was hoping the wait would be worth it, but it wasn’t.

The shaft of the boot is way too wide which to me, is very unflattering since it makes me look like I have massive calves. Can you see the gap at the top of the boots?

I really LIKED the style of the boot and even the color, which isn’t really cognac but I liked it, they are just much too big for me to keep. They also hit a little too high on my knees.

These cost a total of $63.95, which I thought was a great price, but will be going back. Guess it’s back to shopping! I’ll go back to watching my first wishlist in hopes that a great sale will come along.


16 thoughts on “Purchased: Cognac boots

  1. Oh no – boots are SO hard! I have been watching some on eBay, but am fearing I’ll have the same problem with fit. 😦 I guess that’s what we get for trying to buy them online to get a good deal. Let me know if you find other options…I’m on the hunt too!

  2. On no!! They look like they should really work as well but are just too big! What a shame. You need to stop looking and spend all your money on other things and then, typically, the perfect pair will appear!! Lovely blazer and jeans combo though.

  3. Those boots are awesome, but definitely don’t fit you right. Too bad. 😦 Maybe I should have bought some- my calves are pretty big and it’s hard to find boots that fit them and allow me to still tuck in my jeans. All that volleyball makes for nice looking legs, but ill fitting boots. πŸ˜› I hate how long it takes to get things from HauteLook (and RueLaLa). Definitely one of the reasons I don’t buy from there more often. Love your outfit, by the way!

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