You can wear it! Leopard

(1) Leopard print platform Mary Janes (2) Pieces Laxmi Leopard Print Belt (3) Suede Clasp Purse (4) Ally Fashion Leopard Scarf (5) ASOS Leopard Chiffon Ruffle Clutch (6) Fahrenheit Rai Leopard Wedge

I haven’t always been a fan of leopard but lately I want anything leopard print! I started out small with a belt, and it was from Forever 21. Inexpensive and in a small dose. I soon had a blouse, some heels, another top and have recently picked up number one in the list of items above, the Leopard print platform Mary Janes.

Like the color red, wearing a leopard piece takes courage, but if you start out small, you might find that it’s more versatile than you thought and you’ll get more comfortable with bigger pieces. I’m thinking a dress is up next for me. I tried this one at Ann Taylor and it fit like a glove. I also love the not too in-your-face color of the dress, the olive green seems to mute the leopard print a little.

I know I’ve got some leopard fans out there, how did you start? And newbies, are you ready to take on the trend?


11 thoughts on “You can wear it! Leopard

  1. I loved leopard when I was a kid!!! I really started to wear it in high school and I remember it was on a black blazer with a leopard fur collar, oh did I love that thing! I certainly did not start small 🙂 and I am glad to see you are getting bolder with this print!

  2. i’m totally crushing on leopard right now! i started off with a leopard belt from F21 too (i think it was only $2.50!) and then slowly added a leopard scarf. now i’m totally wanting leopard pumps and a leopard clutch! oh how i’ve become more courageous in my style, lol.

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