Wearing: Surplus vest and floral print


  • Old Navy Surplus Vest
  • Rue 21 long sleeve tee
  • Heritage 1981 pleated floral top
  • Express jeans
  • Dolce Vita for Target wedges
  • Banana Republic necklace
  • Bauble Bar leather studded wrap
  • DIY wrap bracelets
  • H&M ring

I fought buying this vest for months now. Why? Because so many other style bloggers own it and rock it. Forget that I’ve wanted one for a year now (since I saw one in last fall’s Lucky Magazine). I’m going to second the sentiment of Mandy at Life in the Fashion Lane, when you are addicted to read style blogs, it’s hard not to give in to the inexpensive pieces you see on other bloggers. I have often asked myself, “Am I getting this because <> owns it, or do I REALLY want it?” And if I have to ask myself that and I’m not truly loving the piece, or have it on my wishlist, it goes back to the rack.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this vest though, and for $18 (on sale from $25 + 30% off coupon) I went and picked it up. And I love it. Even if my husband told me I look like I’m going fishing.

I don’t think I need to ask if you’ve ever picked up a piece you’ve seen on another blogger, do I?


15 thoughts on “Wearing: Surplus vest and floral print

  1. All you ladies are killing me with this vest! It looks sooo good on all of you! How funny that your husband said you look like ‘you’re going fishing’ (you don’t! LOL). I love hearing guys reactions to outfits!

  2. You don’t look like you’re going fishing, but if you were, you’d be the cutest fisherwoman! The vest is going to be a great layering piece and can be worn so many different ways. I’ve asked myself the same questions and sometimes the line between what you want and what other bloggers have is definitely blurred. I try to make smart purchases and the best rule for me is to put back anything that I’m unsure about. I’ve made one too many poor buys in the past because I ignored my gut feeling!

  3. Interesting thoughts on the Old Navy vest! I too bought the brown version after seeing so many of my fav bloggers rock it (Atlantic-Pacific, Cheetah is the New Black). Just like you, I am questioning if it’s really me or did I just buy it because lots of other bloggers looked great in it. I’m still deciding… however I think you look great in it! I don’t think you look like you’re going fishing at all. I think the key to rocking the vest is dressing it up. 🙂

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