Finding my Ann Taylor Perfect Pants

Ann Taylor generously sent me a $100 gift card so I could go and find my pair of Perfect Pants! I am so excited to have had this opportunity and am happy to report that I found my pair!

As you know, I am in Georgia with my family so I went to visit the Lenox Square store.(Thank you for the tweet rec @AnnTaylor!) It was a beautiful store (of course) well organized and well stocked with plenty of gorgeous items to ooh and ahh over. The sales associates were incredibly accommodating, as they always are. Upon seeing me load up on pants, an associate noticed my sandals and told me she would start my dressing room AND get me a pair of heels to try on with my pants. How is THAT for service? I was a little worried about this before I went because visiting my family meant I had not brought my pumps. I was really impressed that the sales associate noticed my need for pumps and offered before I even asked.

Anyway, before I digress!

There are six styles of pants available.

  1. Wide Leg
  2. Straight Leg
  3. Skinny Crop
  4. Relaxed Crop
  5. Slim Leg
  6. Trouser

BUT. That’s not all. There are four cuts available.

  1. Signature: fits just below the waist, relaxed through hip and thigh, relaxed at back of thigh
  2. Modern: sits low on the waist, lean through hip and thigh, slight ease at back of thigh
  3. Curvy: slightly more fitted at the waist, curved through the hip and thigh, roomier at the hips
  4. City: sits low on the waist, narrow through the hip and thigh, more fitted at the back. This is a new fit for Ann Taylor is their slimmest fit. (I don’t remember seeing this fit in the store I was in, but am interested in trying this fit!)

More details and images here on the four cuts.

And of course, regular, petite and tall sizes are available.

With so many combinations of styles, cuts and sizes, there should be a perfect pair of pants for everyone! I definitely found mine!

Here are my fitting room photos. Thank you to my sister for taking my pictures!

Trouser – Curvy Fit  – Petite 

I didn’t realize I had grabbed a Curvy Fit until I tried these on, noticed the looseness at the hips and re-checked the size. I am most definitely NOT curvy. So with this pair, the waist was snug and very loose in the hip area. But definitely true to Ann Taylor’s description. Great for ladies who need more room in the hip area.

I also tried on a leopard print sleeveless bow blouse. This was a little loose in the chest area, but it fit nicely everywhere else. Ann Taylor has a great selection of leopard print right now. Anything from belts to blouses to cardigans. All the prints are different and each is sophisticated and right on trend for fall! If you haven’t found yourself a leopard print item for fall, be sure to check here!

Trouser – Modern Fit – Petite

The sales associate brought me The Trouser in the Modern Fit after I realized my mistake. These fit just right around my waist and hips. The length was a little long, but the Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps I had on were only 3 1/3 inch heels. I typically wear a four inch heel so I think that with my regular pumps, the length should work.

Ok, I have to share something else. These do amazing things for my butt! Lol. I don’t have much back there but there is something about the design of these pants that just flatters me. Are you ready for a picture? I’m a little nervous about putting this up, but I feel I have to because very rarely do I find pants that flatter my barely-there behind.

Hello. These pants created some curve! I got so excited about it, I might have done a little booty shaking.

AHHHHHH MAAAZING. Regardless of style or fit, I found this to be true of all the pants I tried on.

Wide Leg – Signature Fit – Petite

Much to my disappointment, these didn’t fit well at all. This was the pair I was most looking forward to trying (and hoping to buy). The inseam was much too long so the drape at the bottom was all wrong. A little hemming might help, but I really wasn’t that happy about the fit around the hips either.

I loved this striped sweater. My favorite top by far of all the ones I tried on. It’s on the wish list!

Slim Leg – Modern Fit – Petite

These were about 2 inches too long for me. I’m a little disappointed that even a petite size is still too long. They bunched at my ankles but fit perfect through the waist and hips.  Guess I have to stick to buying capri length pants to avoid hemming. Oh the life of being 5’1″.

I actually bought a similar pair from Ann Taylor a couple months ago that I’ve worn (will be coming up in an outfit post). They need to be hemmed so I brought them to my mom to help me with the hemming. I usually hem my own pants, but the material of the pair I own is a bit stretchy so I’m not sure how to work around that. My mom will though. 🙂

I really wanted to go home with the Wide Leg, but after much deliberation with the sales associate and my sisters and sister-in-law, I decided to buy the Trouser Fit in the Modern Cut. The Wide Leg just didn’t drape right at the bottom on me. The Trouser Fit is still a loose fit and ‘wide’ enough for my petite frame without swallowing me up and the length was perfect for me. I already have a pair of slim legs so although another pair would have been nice, I am in need of a more classic fit trouser leg.

If you’d like to find your pair of Perfect Pants, Ann Taylor is currently offering $20 off a pair of pants when you try and buy in-store. (Offer ends Wednesday, August 31st, 2011.) They are also giving away five $100 gift cards on their Facebook page (ends Monday). So go ‘like‘ them if you haven’t already, and enter for your chance to win! I’m on Facebook, too, so be sure to like me there as well!

Disclosure: I was sent a gift card from Ann Taylor for my review. All opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Finding my Ann Taylor Perfect Pants

  1. I have been anxious to try these new pants, too! Thanks for the full download – I think I will like them if they were all long on you, they might just work for a tall girl. Love that striped sweater, btw! 🙂

  2. Love the ones you selected! great choice.
    I am so interested in re visiting Ann Taylor..I haven’t been in a while…they were a bit too conservative/boring for my taste..BUT a their recent ad campaigns and new hire for design has really seemed to revamp their image…still the classic pieces but they seem to have a fresh and fun twist. Thanks for reminding me to stop in.
    First time stopping by your blog..definitely following along:)

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