Wearing: Casual blue on blue

chunky platform, wooden platforms


  • Target top (borrowed from my sister)
  • Charlotte Russe Jeans
  • Chinese Laundry Sassyfras
  • Earrings from The Icing
  • Jewelmint Mumbai bracelet

A simple, casual look. This is one of those tops I borrowed from my sister that never makes its way back to her closet. I love the color and and the cut is SO flattering. I don’t see a lot of tees cut like this and I wish I’d known when she picked this up so that I could have bought more of them!


9 thoughts on “Wearing: Casual blue on blue

  1. This is such a great color! I swear this color is universally flattering on every single woman! I love how you paired this shirt with the pretty earrings and the boot cut jeans. You look great!

  2. This is a great colour on you and ICING??? I miss that store! I no longer can find that accessories store in the city! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be kidnapping from your sister’s closet 😉

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