Wearing: Talbots Tuileries Floral Skirt

floral pencil skirt, petite skirt, camp shirt, Ann Taylor camp shirt


  • Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt
  • Talbots Tuileries floral pencil skirt
  • Jessica Simpson slingback pumps
  • Claire’s metal and pearl bib necklace
  • Forever 21 ring

It has been a crazy busy week ladies and it’s only going to get busier! With my daughter starting school next week, that means we’re back to our ‘regular schedule’ but it’ll be interesting to see how this works with me going to the gym two nights a week. (That’s about all I have time for right now.) She and her brother go with me and go to the play area they have at my gym so they love going as much as I do. Yes. I said it. I love going to the gym. Wish I could go more. I take a Group Power class which is weightlifting to music and is instructor led. I really, truly enjoy it. This is coming from someone who has never worked out or played sports in her life. Unless leisurely playing volleyball counts. I also walk pretty fast – GOT TO to get those deals! 😉

Since I got on the subject – believe me, I never have what I write here planned. Just the outfit. I just let whatever is on my mind at the time I post get itself out. Anyway, since I got on the subject – I’ve been going to the gym since February of this year and it’s been great! I go twice a week, sometimes three if my schedule allows but I feel motivated to go because I’ve seen AMAZING results with weightlifting. Plus the classroom and instructor setting is exactly what a girl like me needs. Before I joined the class, my husband (who is familiar with the gym and sports thing) was ‘training’ me. Although he was helpful and patient with me, it was too slow paced for me because he would tell me to do something, I’d do it, then he’d have to stop what he was doing when I finished to talk me through the next circuit. He was SO patient with me which I love him even more for, but I felt bad interrupting his workout as well as not knowing what would be next. So I decided to take the Group Power class. Loved it from day one. Of course, I felt like I had been hit by a bus and then it backed up and rolled over me again and again but that only lasted a week.

Before I took the class, I had tried running on my own (several times but they never lasted long). I worked out at our gym at work but then I just felt like it was WORK. I even did yoga via P90X. All those things I tried failed for me because eventually I would say, “Well, I’ll just wait another ten minutes before I start.” Ten minutes turned to fifteen to thirty until finally I just went to bed without working out. With the scheduled class settings, I know if I’m not there when I’m suppose to be, it’s over. And for some reason, that motivates me to go work out. That, and the physical results I’ve seen!


14 thoughts on “Wearing: Talbots Tuileries Floral Skirt

  1. I love that necklace and that was from Claire’s??? Ok I need to take a trip over there! Love this outfit, it is really chic and you look so ladylike and elegant! What a nice husband you have, he covers kiddie time!

  2. Wow you look fantastic I love the print of that skirt! That’s so awesome you found a work out regimen that you enjoy. I used to LOOOVE yoga but when I moved I haven’t found a yoga studio that I felt comfortable with. My search continues but it’s been like 2 years now LOL!

  3. That is such a pretty skirt!

    It was great to hear your workout story. I just started running a few months ago, and now I’m loving how easy it is to just go for a run outside, because there are no excuses that way (if My hubby’s not home to watch our daughter I can just push the stroller)…so now I’m a little worried about how I’ll be about going to the gym when it gets too cold outside.

    • That’s awesome! You should try to throw a class or two in when you go to the gym to change it up! And maybe being in a class will motivate you more too!

    • Me going to Talbots was because of Jean from Extra Petite. This is my first and only purchase – so far. 🙂

      I had a feeling you did some weight training, you have some FAB arms girl!

  4. Looooove how you put together your outfit! Bright and tangy, yet very clean and classic. You’re always so great at combining items! As for the working out…I’m jealous! I have no babies, one full time job, and I still make the excuse of me not having any time to work out. It’s all BS! I’m admitting it…haha. I need to keep at working out. I occasionally do Zumba at home, but I agree with you exactly with the whole “10mins…..30mins….sleep”. Haha. I need to sign up for a class or something. I’m that person that needs someone to yell at me or tell me to keep it up. SIGH. Thanks for the reminder that my life is NOT TOO BUSY to get a work out in! 🙂

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