Free shipping over $25 on

This promotion ends tomorrow! Use the code FREESHIP. If you’ve had some pieces in your cart or on your wishlist, now’s a great time to get free shipping! offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, but sometimes it’s hard to spend that much if you only want a couple things. I prefer online shopping because their site is easier to navigate then their stores. It’s all so overwhelming in-store.

Overwhelming as it is, 🙂 I was in-store over the weekend and picked up a few pieces for the fall. I found two of them online if you’re interested. The other item I bought that I didn’t see online was a leopard print sheer-ish sweater. I absolutely love it and it looks very luxe for being a Forever 21 piece. (Love it when that happens.) The fabric is loose but clingy so it looks great on.

I loved the mustard skinnies I saw H&M post on their Facebook page, (see them here) but when I was at Forever 21, these rust colored skinnies caught my eye. The website lists them as cropped pants which explains why they fit my 5’1″ frame perfectly! (I was REALLY excited about that when I tried them on in-store.) NOTE: I believe this is the same pair I picked up in-store, the price point is the same. To me, they are more orange than ‘camel’.

Forever 21 Woven Capri Pants

I also picked up this Heritage 1981 tank top because I loved the fall vingtagey print of it. It looked great with my skinnies (or capri pants) that I picked up. The photo does it no justice! I have a great camel colored blazer that’s going to look great over this!

Heritage 1981 Pleated Floral Top

And if you liked my colorblock tank top from yesterday’s post, it’s not available online right now, but here are some similar tops:

Forever 21 Colorblock Sweater Tunic

Forever 21 Relaxed Colorblock Top

I’m also loving this oversized knit tee that caught my eye online. I think this would feel like wearing PJs all day. I’d love one in every color!

Forever 21 Oversized Knit Tee
$8.50 (GREAT price!)


3 thoughts on “Free shipping over $25 on

  1. Oooo Thank you for the tip! Love forever 21 and living 1 block away from the Michigan Avenue Store with 3 floors is hazardous! While everything is so inexpensive, you add up 18 here, 12 there, 24 there, and a 8 necklace it’s like that’ll be 98.74 please? AHHHH!!!

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