Wearing: A 70s look in Forever 21 tank

colorblock, color block, chunky platform, wooden platforms

  • Forever 21 tank top that I first saw on Penny Pincher Fashion when she tweeted it and decided I needed one for myself!
  • Charlotte Russe jeans
  • Chinese Laundry Sassyfras chunky platform heels
  • Mimi Boutique Justina Satchel
  • Earrings – I can’t remember where they’re from, I’ve had them forever
  • Banana Republic Outlet gold cuff

After I put this look together, I thought it felt very 70s – with my big earring, chunky platforms and flares. Loved it. Thanks Kimberly for tweeting about this fabulous tank!

The weekends really go by too fast, don’t they? We spent another weekend in Georgia. We went without my kids this time since my husband was playing in a basketball tournament. Cadence (my daughter) I can typically trust to do well but my son is just a completely different story! I never know when he’s going to bust out with his tantrums so when my sister ‘J’ offered to keep them back at home with her, I agreed! Of course, my parents and siblings in Georgia were protesting and offered their help as well, but in the end, I think I made the right decision to keep them at home. It was strange without them, but it was nice at the same time. 🙂

My baby sister and I went shopping in Atlanta. I didn’t pick up much, just a few pieces from Forever21 for the fall. I turned down these Sam Edelman boots that I found at Ross.

I love the height (just to the knee, not OTK) but just wasn’t IN LOVE them. There were also very comfortable but a half size too big for me. I thought with socks, they might fit a little more closely, but I didn’t want to take the chance. I’m looking for something similar but just not as dark. (They were more brown than cognac.) And cognac boots is really what I’m looking for.The search continues. I have a really, really old pair that I’m trying to replace but I love them so much that nothing can out do them. It’s pretty tough.

Interested? They’re the Sam Edelman Naharra boots and online they start at about $150. (Available at Nordstrom for $149.90)They were at Ross for $89.99!!!


17 thoughts on “Wearing: A 70s look in Forever 21 tank

  1. Hola I’m in love with your boots and your bag. I know is and older post but I looooove too the animal print shirt and your arm party was BRUTAL!!! (Is a normal expression here in Puerto Rico)I love all the bracelets and my favorite, the turquoise one because is my favorite color.

    • I hadn’t Sam Edelman in my Ross before, not sure if it was because I was in the Atlanta area or what? All these comments are making me wish I’d bought them! LOL Nothing like blogger pressure!

  2. Love those boots!! And you look super cute, never would have guessed it was F21!! Your photo layout is pretty fierce, I love what you did!!!

  3. I love those boots, I’m going to look into ordering them! Also, is this tank purchase recent?? I NEED IT! It would be perfect for going back to college games at University of Illinois!

    • Hey girl, the tank was recent, but it’s no longer available. 😦 Keep checking the “Back In Stock” section though, you never know!

  4. Ummmm you have 2 kids??? OK I did not know that! Love these boots but if you are not totally in love with them then you made the right choice! The top is really stunning and it has a nice 70s vibe to it. I love these pictures, they have an editorial feel…awesome!!!

  5. umm i am SO sad I didn’t jump on this shirt. I totally love it and your styling. PS: I am so all about to jump on your fb page bandwagon!! CONGRATS hot mama! xoxo

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