Wearing: Target sheath dress and turquoise

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Before I get into what I’m wearing – notice the Facebook icon on the right sidebar? I did it! I created a Facebook page! For those of you who don’t tweet or follow blogs with a reader, I hope you’ll “Like” me on Facebook so you can get updates when I post to my blog! And for those who do some or all of the above, I hope you’ll still Like me on Facebook too!

Quick shout out to my sister Sue who, when I showed her my blog loved it so much and was so proud of me, she posted it on Facebook which increased traffic to my blog like I’d never seen before. Thanks Sewage!


  • Target dress (purchased about a year ago)
  • Aldo heels
  • Claire’s earrings
  • Gold cuff (I can’t remember from where)
  • H&M bauble ring

Presenting…my $2 Claire’s earrings! I love racking up on costume jewelry during their 5 items for $10 sales. I think I’m the only blogger who shops there. I might be the only person I know that shops there (besides my sisters because I tell them all my shopping secrets). I bought a matching necklace too, but I don’t wear matchy-matchy sets together. I wore the necklace a couple days ago with my H&M crop top.

And since I posted this close-up, see the second piercing in my ear? I got that as SOON as I turned 18 but I don’t even wear an earring in that second piercing anymore. I hardly wear earrings at all anymore actually. I feel like with a statement necklace and the arm parties I’ve been rocking lately, earrings would be overkill.

Following that event, I walked into a tattoo parlor. My parents were ultra, ultra conservative so as soon as I was legal, I wanted to do something (else) to rebel. Yeah. That was me. But luckily for my parents I was afraid of the commitment of permanent ink. I mean honestly, I get tired of things as soon as I own them so a tattoo would have gotten old for me in no time. But truly, it was lucky for me that I never followed through on the tattoo. I can only imagine what my 18 year old self would have gotten. Ok, it really wasn’t going to be THAT bad. I was going to get a tiny discreet bumble bee in honor of the nickname my sisters gave me – Bumble Bee.

I think back to what I was like back then and can’t believe some of the things I did. I’m SO looking forward to my daughter’s teen years.


18 thoughts on “Wearing: Target sheath dress and turquoise

  1. The facebook page is up and My Dressy Ways is up and running! This is so exciting and your traffic is going to go through the roof! I love this dress, you look gorgeous in amarante! You know I forgot about Claire’s!!! I have not been in there for so long but I used to love that 5 for $10 sale…I think at 1 point it was 10 for $10?? Yikes… I’ll definitely be liking your page 🙂

  2. Liked you on FB! That is so funny – I did the same thing when I turned 18…got a second ear piercing (and I also pierced my belly button – such a rebel…don’t worry, it’s closed up now)! 🙂 Btw, you look AMAZING in this color purple!

  3. I am so incredibly sad that your dress isn’t a recent purchase! The color and cut of that dress is PERFECT on you! You look so beautiful!

    I wear earrings and bracelets a lot (skip necklaces). I think all three is too much on me but looks incredible on others. I have 4 holes in my left ear and 3 in my right. I always wear my black diamonds in my second hole and anything higher gets abandoned. I got my tongue pierced the day before graduation (I think my mom is STILL upset about it) and kept it in for 4 years JUST because my mom kept asking me to take it out. Haha. Major rebel. I also have 2 tattoos!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Love love love, this look! Um.. can’t believe you got the earring for $2! I haven’t shopped at Claires in a few years, but I think I need to start. And that tattoo would have been cute! Much better when it actually has meaning.

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  6. If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you

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