Wearing: Animal print blouse


  • Thrifted blouse
  • Old Navy pants
  • Chinese Laundry Sassyfras shoes
  • Forever 21 necklace
  • Arm party consisting of BaubleBar, Shashi, AEO and more. See the details of each piece here.

I’ve always been afraid of animal print. It just seemed too wild and attention getting for me. And now look at me, pairing it with an arm full of bracelets and a huge statement ring. Not tacky and attention grabbing at all, am I?

I was torn about buying this blouse because of the animal print and also because it’s about twenty sizes too large for me. But I’m glad I did because I’ve grown to love it for the reasons I didn’t want to buy it in the first place. It WAS out of my comfort zone but I’ve found it be a top I want to wear over and over because of its versatility. It’s also a super thin and soft fabric, which adds to the comfort since it’s already oversized. I just have to remember it IS a statement piece so I can’t wear it TOO much.

Have you ever bought anything you almost put back but ended up loving anyway?


15 thoughts on “Wearing: Animal print blouse

      • They just don’t get it…I have Bow / Ruffle front sheer top and he was like “uhm….” …and explaining things to them is just out of the questions, I’m always like “just take my pictures honey and don’t worry about it”

        But I love your top – you look so chic 😀

  1. I love animal print! I’ve been a fan since I was in high school so anytime I see it, it catches my eye! I am glad you went ahead and kept this blouse, and love how you are going bold with the look all the way! Sometimes we have to shock ourselves to the max to get over whatever it was we once thought we couldn’t totally pull off! Now…next fashion challenge?

  2. You know I LOVE animal print. I have been buying my button ups a couple sizes bigger for comfort, versatility (tucking in, belting, tie-ing etc) This looks GREAT on you, love it paired with the gray and am glad you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone.

  3. I’m very choosy about my animal prints. I love this blouse because it’s not so in your face due to the neutral tones. Very pretty and good call on the gray pants. As for tops that are oversized, I often feel the more beautiful in clothes that are a bit roomy, versus tight (as long as the fabric is soft–it’s feels very feminine and romantic). This is what I think about my CK abstract cat print blouse, worn here.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

  4. So Gorgeous! I love all the arm candy, and that blouse is amazing! I always try to force myself to try on and purchase things I’m not initially sure about, because they often end up being some of the best pieces in my closet! If I just went with what I love at first sight, my whole closet would be filled with grays, blacks, jeans (which I won’t lie, does occupy a decent amount of space in my closet). 🙂

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