H&M August 2011 Arrivals

Look at these fabulous new arrivals (in order of priority on my must-have list) H&M just posted on their Facebook page:

A most amazing looking cuff. A bit rocker but for the sophisticated rocker in me, oxymoron, I know.

Must have color for fall – mustard. These skinnies would be perfection with a slouchy cream colored sweater and these…..

Not sure how I feel about H&M shoes, but these are gorgeous. Any one out there with experience on H&M shoes?

This is such a sweet bag! It would go perfectly with the heeled loafers and mustard skinnies above!

And obviously, color blocking is still going to be hot in the fall. The pink and orange one in the middle is similar to the one I have in my closet. (Click on photo below to go to the full post.)

In love! I’ll be back in Georgia this weekend so maybe I can head there and see what I can score!


14 thoughts on “H&M August 2011 Arrivals

  1. Hi, I found your blog via J’s Everyday blog. All of these are cute but I especially love the cuff and pumps! I don’t have experience with H&M shoes either. Last I checked (a few days ago), Aldo had some on their website that look very similar to those that you posted. 🙂

    • I saw the ones at Aldo too! I have one pair from there that are wearable but not very comfy so I’m a little wary of buying another pair from there. I like style with comfort. 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

  2. That bag is a dead ringer for a bag that Chloe did last Fall! I may just have to scoop it up! I was wish listed their in store now stuff on my iPad last night. Plan to head over there in the next week. Thanks for sharing!

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