Bloggers Do It Better Challenge: Arm Party

My first ever #BDIB! I love this challenge for many reasons.

1 – I love arm parties! Been wearing them all summer! (Just search the term “Bauble Bar” on my blog and you’ll find all of my arm parties – it’s my favorite stacking piece.)

2 – I can showcase my favorite pieces all at once.

3 – I have a ton of pieces that I’ve had for years just sitting in a box and now they’re seeing the light of day again!

So without further ado…’s the My Dressy Way version of an arm party for this BDIB challenge!

A description of my pieces from left to right:

  • Bauble Bar studded leather wrap I love the tiny studs on this, so rocker yet feminine
  • Shashi red teal drop beaded bracelet –Β (wearing 2 in this party stack) this came in a set of three from My Habit. It’s not a party without some confetti, and these bracelets add the pop of color I need.
  • Gold and silver bracelets –Β Also 2 of these in this arm party. I received these as a birthday gift from my sister-in-law
  • Rhinestone and gold studded leather wrap – one of my favorite new pieces I picked up from Rugged Wearhouse. I’m not sure what the brand is.
  • Orange beaded bracelets – I’ve had for AT LEAST eight years πŸ™‚ They were my favorites back then and still remain a favorite. I can’t believe the elastic has lasted this long! I love the simplicity of the beads and the pop of color.
  • Claire’s rhinestone and curb chain bracelet – this actually has three different chains (one of them is hidden in this photo) and I love all of them.
  • AEO metal bead and leather bracelet – another piece I’ve had for at least eight years (I’m counting the years based on having them long before my daughter was born)
  • Forever 21 bangle
I love my mix!
I also included a Banana Republic gold cuff and H & M ring on the other arm. Too much?
I think not.
Bracelets are HUGE this summer. Everyone’s rocking friendship bracelets, wraps and curb chains. I’m loving DIY versions of all of these. (I’ve even got one coming up soon with some blog friends.)
What about you? Is this a trend you’ve worn? Have been wanting to try? It’s so fun. πŸ™‚ I recommend you give it a try if you haven’t already.

27 thoughts on “Bloggers Do It Better Challenge: Arm Party

  1. Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too! I came across your link and I’m loving your arm party! So much visual interest && beautiful variety! Love the boho vibe!

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