Wearing: H&M brights and I cleaned out my closet!


  • H&M striped crop top
  • Banana Republic Outlet Shorts (Ryan Fit)
  • Dolce Vita for Target wedges
  • Bauble Bar Wrap stacked with random bracelets from my collection
  • Claire’s necklace

bauble bar wrap, arm party

It’s as humid as ever down here in South Carolina! I can’t believe I’ve only worn this pair of shorts twice! I keep forgetting about them!

I did the unthinkable on Saturday. I went through my closet and without thinking about sentimental value or “I’m going to wear this SOME DAY” I tossed over 50 pieces from my closet in a basket and took them to Platos. What Platos didn’t take, I immediately dropped off at a Goodwill donation center on my way home. I considered one last look before I dropped them off, but I knew if I did, all those pieces I had decided to part with would make their way back to my closet.

This is big for me because I rarely go through my closet and throw things out. I’m a hoarder when it comes to my clothing and accessories. Plus, when you handpick everything, everything means something, am I right? Having a huge walk-in closet doesn’t help either because I have plenty of room to keep everything. I just have to keep buying hangers because things make their way in, but rarely do things make their way out. I’m proud of myself for giving up things that used to be my favorite pieces but haven’t been worn for at least a year or more.

Tell me I’m not the only who can’t let go of beloved pieces – even if they haven’t been worn for years. I’m trying to do better! But, out with the old, in with the new, right? 😉


18 thoughts on “Wearing: H&M brights and I cleaned out my closet!

  1. You look absolutely adorable in this outfit!! Love the striped tee with those shorts, you accessorized perfectly too! Gorgeous, darling!

  2. Aaargh I always try to do the same! 2 wardrobes and no space at all…try to get rid and end up putting things back so you did very well! Actually just tried to upload somethings onto Ebay but the photo bit isn’t working! Fab outfit as always x

  3. Yesssss! I do the same thing! I keep super old clothes. Not even ones that I bought myself! Free shirts from highschool, events, what ever…I keep them all for sentimental reasons, but my reasoning no longer matched my hate for lugging too much laundry or moving when I didn’t even wear them anymore. I have to say though, when it’s all said and done by cleaning out your closet…you feel SO much better! Especially because it feels as if you’ve done good things by donating AND getting some money back for clothes that you’ve already worn. Wish I saw you more than 5.7 seconds over the weekend, but I know it was a busy one! Looking lovely as always! 🙂

  4. Love, Love, Love the bracelets!! I also just cleaned out my closet this weekend! It took FOREVER to decide whether to get rid of bracelets, necklaces, or earrings! It was a sad moment but I knew it had to be done. I feel your pain!


  5. Funny. This musta been the weekend to clean out closets, as I did, too! I don’t have a large closet, so it’s crucial for me to clean it out. Before my son was born, I used to go through it every season, but now it’s down to once or twice a year. I love selling my clothes at Buffalo Exchange and getting store credit (because it means new clothes to replace stuff I don’t wear anymore). I’m rarely attached too many of my clothing items. But shoes, on the other hand, I hoard. HAH. Cannot give them away… a girl can’t have to many shoes, right? PS – Love the arm candy!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

    • I dint think we have a Buffalo Exchange, is it like a Platos? I still can’t believe I threw much out! No regrets!

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I have two full walk-in closets, a dresser, and armoire to store all of my clothing so cleaning out my closet is a rare occasion! On top of that I have a full season’s worth of clothing at my parent’s house in the suburbs… I did a major donation when my company sponsored a go green event and encouraged employees to clean out their closets…I counted 132 items. And guess what?? I STILL HAVE ZERO closet space… Moral of the story, I need to do a thorough clean-out and not look back!

  7. Totally love this look; i have this top, too! I wore it with dark skinnies with a white tank underneath hanging out the bottom. Love to see how others ensemble it!

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