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Finding my Ann Taylor Perfect Pants

Ann Taylor generously sent me a $100 gift card so I could go and find my pair of Perfect Pants! I am so excited to have had this opportunity and am happy to report that I found my pair!

As you know, I am in Georgia with my family so I went to visit the Lenox Square store.(Thank you for the tweet rec @AnnTaylor!) It was a beautiful store (of course) well organized and well stocked with plenty of gorgeous items to ooh and ahh over. The sales associates were incredibly accommodating, as they always are. Upon seeing me load up on pants, an associate noticed my sandals and told me she would start my dressing room AND get me a pair of heels to try on with my pants. How is THAT for service? I was a little worried about this before I went because visiting my family meant I had not brought my pumps. I was really impressed that the sales associate noticed my need for pumps and offered before I even asked.

Anyway, before I digress!

There are six styles of pants available.

  1. Wide Leg
  2. Straight Leg
  3. Skinny Crop
  4. Relaxed Crop
  5. Slim Leg
  6. Trouser

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