I have a confession

I have to be honest about something.

I didn’t start shopping at Ann Taylor until a few months ago and LOFT until about maybe a year ago. And then yesterday, I bought something from Talbots. A couple of things actually. So I feel the need to confess that I have always stereotyped these stores as ‘old lady’ stores.

How beautiful is this skirt? It fit me like a glove so I knew I had to have it. The colors, the large floral print, the fit – everything about it is perfect. Which leads to another truth – I’m a bargain hunter (which I’m sure you knew about me already) this skirt was $24 after an additional 50% off. I can’t believe the quality I’m getting for the price I’m paying!

floral pencil skirt

Talbots Tuileries Floral Skirt

I love this photo of the skirt. The model looks a little like Julianne Moore to me. This IS Julianne Moore. LOL

Isn’t this one also perfect? Someone who can wear a 0P please buy it online. I didn’t see this one in-store at all.

full floral skirt

Talbots Belle Flower Full Dress

Talbots also had a selection of shoes priced at $29.99. Which included these:

Talbots ankle strap leather platforms

Talbots straw ankle wrap sandals

Talbots croc-embossed peep toe leather pumps

I didn’t see this style in this color (in my size) but I found a patent leather black pair that were fabulous.

Talbots au natural leather ankle strap sandals

I considered buying the au natural leather ankle wrap pair – the straps were buttery soft and I’m in love with the chunky heel. (See it on the model in the Tuileries floral skirt picture above.) But I maintained self control and put them back. I have this feeling I’m going to go back for them. Shhhhhhh…

So, maybe I’m just getting older and now fall under the “old lady fashion” category or these stores have done a great job at re-branding themselves, OR thanks to the blogger world (people like Jean at Extra Petite – see her review of Talbot shoes here) I have come to discover that these stores carry items that I would wear and that I can afford AND that fit my 5’1″ frame! I believe it’s a combination of all of the above. Not to mention that all three of these stores provide modest and stylish clothing for the working professional woman. They also carry petite sizing which fits me so much better than regular sizing.

So readers, have you shopped at these three stores I mentioned? For how long now? And if you haven’t, I recommend you give it a shot. Be patient. This was my second trip to Talbots, and I wasn’t impressed at all on my first. Now, I believe I will be a regular here as well. My Talbots is conveniently located next to LOFT so I can hit them both at the same time.


13 thoughts on “I have a confession

  1. I love the talbot straw ankle shoes!!! And that first skirt is perfect! Great style!

    would love if you visited 😉

      • I think you could totally rock it!! What if you did pink on top and orngae on bottom? You could even do a pale or a really really bright orngae, something that is a different shade than your hair? I’m assuming that’s why you say you can’t wear that color! So not true!

  2. Everyone item you showed is gorgeous! I actually went to Talbots and saw that same skirt not too long ago. It definitely wasn’t at the $24 price. Ann Taylor and LOFT has some fabulous clothes at great prices if you have coupons. They are not old lady stores, in my opinion they are timeless chic pieces that can stay in your wardrobe for many years 🙂

  3. You may have changed my mind! I stop in Loft once in awhile but Ann Taylor and Talbots seem too corporate-y at times. The shoes are FAB and that skirt is beautiful! I am glad that you ‘confessed’ because I felt the same way!

  4. LOL, hysterical about Julianne Moore! Laughing out loud, for real. And, totally agree re: AT and LoFT, though I think of those as younger than Talbots. Saw that Extra Petite story… these are awesome shoe finds, and another secret for accessories? CHICOS! Have been considering a post on it. Saw a gorge clutch there, and a fashionable friend of mine adores their jewelry. hehe

  5. i hate to admit it because my mom’s been trying to get me to shop at talbots for years but they really do have great stuff and great prices. she says quality has gone down a bit in years but the styles are definitely a little younger and a bit more fun. the outlets are amazing but it depends on the day you visit.

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