Wearing: Another Ann Taylor silk camp shirt!


  • Ann Taylor silk camp shirt
  • Old Navy khaki pants (really old)
  • Dollhouse heels from Ross
  • Banana Republic Outlet necklace and gold cuff
  • AEO watch
  • Bauble Bar studded leather wrap
  • Leather gold and rhinestone wrap from Rugged Wearhouse

Like I needed another silk camp shirt, right? I now have two from Loft and two from Ann Taylor. Yikes. But I got them all for such great prices – all under $10. This blue one was the most inexpensive, it cost me less than $5 and is 100% silk. It is the most beautiful deep navy blue I’ve ever seen. I would have loved to pair it with white pants but I’m still on the hunt for ones that aren’t see through. πŸ™‚

I’m not one to buy multiples of any oneΒ itemΒ but I love the drapey and loose look of these shirts. The colors are also so different from each other that they don’t feel like the same thing. They are so versatile and look great with jeans, shorts, pencil skirts and pants! I wore the white AT one recently tied up with a maxi dress but I didn’t get a picture of it, I’ll try for a future post.

I also own the white Ann Taylor camp shirt in the bottom right corner pictured above.

Here are pictures of the LOFT version of this shirt. This one has hidden buttons which tend to come undone so I always make sure to wear something underneath.


22 thoughts on “Wearing: Another Ann Taylor silk camp shirt!

  1. Love all of the camp shirts in every color! For that price I don’t blame you for buying so many. Navy & white are gorgeous together, but I like it with the khaki pants too & all the gold accessories!

  2. I am beyond jealous –and thrilled! –for your camp shirts. They’re so cute and versitile. I’m on the hunt, woman, and it’s all your fault. πŸ™‚

    • I did get them on sale.The LOFT ones I picked up a couple months ago but the Ann Taylor shirts are recent. There wasn’t a lot of inventory in-store, they just happened to have my size.

  3. How did you get this silk blouse for $5? The last time I went to Ann Taylor and got a silk blouse on ‘final sale’, it was still $18!! Good buy and even though you bought it in multiples, nothing wrong with that. They have 40% off at Ann Taylor, I am eyeing that orange skirt with a zipper but $60 is still too much for that place πŸ™‚ I am a bad consumer LOL!!!

    • I couldn’t believe it either! It was a final sale item during their additional 50% off sale. My sister also picked up black blazer for the same price. Think we got lucky this time! Im looooooving the fall pieces too, especially the jewelry. My eye’s on the sleeveless coat too. But even after sale is still pricey!

      • Dear James,Wish more gents would show up dressed like you at any wedidng black tie required or not!Love that the zeitgeist is slowly but surely turning to the 50, 60 and 70ies glam as a reference for today’s eveningwear.A tux is fine, but a combination as yours is much more inspirational.Love the jacket, the ruffled shirt, the sockless patent opera slippers and the boutonnie8re a remarkable but truly classic WIJW outfit!Makes me want to know your opinion on what would you wear to your own wedidng ?Big hug, Matt

  4. How did you get that silk blouse for $5??? Last time I went to Ann Taylor a ‘final sale,’ silk blouse was $18… Great Buy!! They have 40% off regular price today and there is this fab orange skirt with a zipper that would be $60 but I will wait! I am a bad consumer πŸ™‚

  5. Really great staples and they have a nice fit! Can’t beat the price, either. I’ve still to pop into the mall to see what they still have on sale. I love the pale pink one so much!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  6. These are great looks. I’ve always been a huge fan of jeweled tone blue with khaki (way to style everything!).

    I like your use of belts – they’re absolutely the right shade.

  7. i’ve been really into silk button-down shirts right now and i really love the navy one on you! and only $5?!! that’s a steal! i’ve been eying the BR silk camp shirt lately but can’t get myself to pull the trigger since even with all the 40% off deals it’s still almost $50! i’ll just enjoy them on you for now. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kileen! Hope you find one! I’ve been finding the Ann Taylor ones randomly. I was there last week when I bought the white one and didn’t see the navy one anywhere and then saw it on Sunday.

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