Wearing: Ruffles, feathers and leather




  • Target ruffle tank
  • Target cardigan
  • Express skinny jeans
  • Kmart sandals
  • Claire’s necklace
  • H&M Ring
Thought this necklace was neat so I had to have it. I love the chains and strips of leather as well as the turquoise beads. The H&M ring is the one ring I picked up on my last trip there. I love it!
I’m sure it’s the heat that is making me feel uninspired.  All I want to do is wear a bikini and sip margaritas by the pool. I actually went out and played volleyball in the heat on Sunday evening. It was so hot but still so fun. I played a lot when I was younger but after having kids, didn’t play at all. I’ve never been a power hitter, but I can pass and serve. I can still play! Haha, I was pretty proud of myself. Oldest lady on the court and still not to bad!



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