Target Summer Shoe Clearance

Hi ladies! This is a post I’ve been meaning to get up for a few days now but it’s just been way too hot to make the effort!

I was at Target the other day to pick up paper plates for the office and stopped in the shoe department just to look! There are a lot of mark downs on summer sandals and shoes in-store right now. Here are the highlights of what I found:





Yes, the Dolce Vita wedges have been marked down, so if you want them, get them! The only pair I wanted to go home with was the snakeskin Versie pump but there wasn’t a size 7 available. I was SO good at Target though! I picked up the paper plates I needed and a couple of pairs of leggings for my daughter and that was it! That rarely happens.

My sister and I also stopped in at Ann Taylor yesterday and scored a couple of really great deals. I picked up another silk camp shirt (in navy), this time for less than $5 and a skirt for the same price. My sister picked up a black blazer for $5. UNBELIEVABLE prices!


10 thoughts on “Target Summer Shoe Clearance

  1. OK, next time you can get a silky shirt you must tweet/call/messag me and pick me up one. LOL. I am sooo wanting one! Missed it on the J. Crew online sale this weekend,too. Boo. Proud of you for your control at Target. Nice work! I had pretty good self control there the other day as well… walked by most of the shoes tho didn’t see those hottie snakes skin heels!

  2. I saw all of the shoes on sale at Target too. Kinda surprised they had so many things marked down! Thankfully nothing that I really wanted. Sounds like you got some fabulous deals at Ann Taylor though. I must get up there one of these days before everythings gone!

  3. I went to loft yesterday and found nothing! I saw the silk camp shirt you found, but it was still $15 AFTER 50% markdown….I was sad.

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