Wearing: Animal print neutrals


  • Rue 21 Top
  • Loft animal print skirt (also seen here)
  • Bamboo wedges
  • ? necklace
  • H&M ring
Penny Pincher Fashion posted a blog yesterday about being new to the blogger world and the wonderful women out there who have embraced her new blog – and she included ME among three other fabulous women. Being new to blogging myself, I’m so extremely touched and humbled by her sweet post. We are definitely on the same wavelength because I have also been doing some thinking about the connections I’ve made because of blogging and tweeting. I’ve blogged and put myself out there before, but never in the way that I’ve done with My Dressy Ways. It’s only been about two months since I made a real commitment to blogging and I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding because of the friends I’ve made. I just can’t say it as beautifully as she did! She really took the words out of my mouth and did such a great job with the post – so please, go check it out. And while you’re there, check out her blog too if you haven’t been on there already. She is gorgeous, smart, thrifty and has phenomenal taste, my kind of gal!

22 thoughts on “Wearing: Animal print neutrals

  1. Love this look, partly because I would have never mixed my gold with a grey skirt/look yet it totally works!! nice work, ms hotness! 🙂 (ps: so true about PPF’s list yesterday. you are the best!)

    • Wanna know something? I didn’t even think about that. hahhahahahaha. I just threw it on because I felt like I need a necklace.

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  2. Hi, I found your blog through PPF as I love how she looks fab as well as shopping for a bargain! It inspired me to do a UK version and am just starting it off…not really found my feet yet but am having fun anyway! Love your blog, especially todays post, you look amazing and as well as lovely clothes you have gorgeous hair!! Sarah xx

    • That’s so great! She is absolutely inspiring. Once you get started, it’ll get easier. I say that, but I’ve started and re-started several times over. I think I’ve finally found it now. I was afraid to do yet another personal style blog…but I feel like I have something to contribute so here I go! Keep in touch and best wishes to you on your new endeavor!

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