Wearing: Denim on denim!


  • Target Converse chambray shirt
  • Express jeans
  • Kmart sandals
  • Mimi Boutique Justina bag
We’re down in Georgia visiting my mom for the weekend. I always try to do a little bit of shopping when I’m down here because my mom lives in an area where every other block has a shopping center. More places than I can shop, can you imagine that? We haven’t been able to get to get to the mall yet, but I do want to head to Atlantic Station where there’s a huge two story H&M. My mom has one at the mall near her house, but the selection isn’t that great because it’s a smaller store.
This chambray shirt is the perfect summer shirt because the material is so light and breathe-able. I paired it with my jeans because it was actually a little chilly down here in the South yesterday! Today is warmer, but not as hot and humid as we’re accustomed to down here so it’s a nice break for all of us! I’m enjoying it!
I drove by the Ann Taylor near my mom’s house and noticed they already have a couple of their fall pieces in the window. I’m really hoping on nabbing one of these cold cuffs soon! The price is higher than I’d like topay, but I will be looking out for a sale and/or coupon! I think I’m willing to shell out a bit more for this piece though, I love the modern curves of it!
I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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