Wearing: Pink and orange color blocking (it’s a bright one)


  • Forever 21 top
  • Thrifted pencil skirt
  • Thrifted belt
  • Aldo pumps
  • Target cuff – my Hermes Collier de Chien look for less

I’m really loving color blocking this summer. It is so fun and easy to do. Because of the bright colors of my skirt and top, I wanted to keep my accessories simple. This is really out of my comfort zone because while I like to be well dressed, I don’t like to STAND OUT. Does that make sense? Wearing a color combination like this screams, look at me! And yet, here I am, with a personal style blog where I post large pictures of myself wearing my “don’t look at me” outfits. The irony. I don’t make sense sometimes, even to myself.


This is very similar to my previous color blocking top and pencil skirt.

Another example of analogous color blocking that I’ve worn. The last time, in a top.


10 thoughts on “Wearing: Pink and orange color blocking (it’s a bright one)

  1. the hot orange and hot pink are an amazing color combo. there is this particular contemporary bouquet of flowers that my sister and i send to each other for special occasions that is full of gorgeous hot orange and hot pink flowers. we love them so much that she based my entire bridal shower on those colors and used the bouquets as the centerpieces on the tables. i feel like i have an emotional connection to your outfit lol. LOVE the hermes cuff look for less 😉

  2. This pink and orange combo is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the way you put it together. I haven’t given color blocking a try yet but you have certainly motivated me to do so.

  3. Love these color blocking you’ve been doing. Really is such a great, affordable way to incorporate trend. PS: I just bought that H&M top recently and have not yet worn it… I am today! THanks for the reminder. Woohoo.

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