Wearing: Casual in my Loft blouse

I was inspired by The Looks For Less and Real Girl Glam who also wore breezy summer blouses last week when I put together this casual look. I paired it with jeans for work, although I really wanted to pair it with shorts.


I’m only wearing one of my Jewelmint Encore Necklaces. This set comes with two necklaces and both necklaces have a tassel, but the one with the gold chain tassel came apart when I wore it. I was so upset since that was my favorite part of the set. There was some glue holding the gold tassels together, but it just didn’t catch each chain so it fell apart. I contacted their customer service when this happened and the gave me a full credit and let me keep the set. It was quick and easy! But I am still a bit sad about it falling apart. This was my first piece of Jewelmint jewelry and I’m still on the fence about a July piece. Have you picked out your July piece yet? What did you get?


7 thoughts on “Wearing: Casual in my Loft blouse

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  3. I adore your ensemble! I was hunting around to see what the encore necklace looked like on “real” people (versus model) and how versatile it is. I love the look but have been debating on getting it or not. The thing is, while I love jewelmint designs, I’m not sure if the quality is very good. I ordered the aqua bomb ring as my first purchase and the quality was not what was pictured….I didn’t mind it so much since I bought the ring for half off during their special promo time but for $30 I’m unsure if its worth buying anything more from them. What’s your opinion on the quality? Especially after your necklace fell apart….

    • Thank you! I was definitely disappointed in my first order when it fell apart, especially because the gold tassel was my favorite part about the necklace. I just got my second piece about a week ago – the Mumbai bracelet and am actually wearing it today! Jewelmints pieces are very unique which is why I love it, plus there’s that pressure of the pieces being available for only a month. Like you, I don’t think it’s worth $30 but if I can find a good deal I will buy! I bought the Encore necklaces for less than $8 and the Mumbai was a credit from the Encore necklace breaking. I just bought a Groupon for two pieces and had a credit to use so I will end up paying only $15 for the two. I’m waiting for the August selection! I can’t say much for the quality of their pieces since I own two but I can say I’m definitely wary now since my first piece fell apart. 😛

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