Dressed In: Hot pink blazer, and this is why I thrift


  • Blazer – thrifted
  • Tank Top – Old Navy
  • Skirt – Old Navy
  • Shoes – Jessica Simpson
  • Watch – AEO
  • Ring – Charlotte Russe

I tried out a new thrift shop a couple weeks ago and scored this fabulous pink blazer for a mere $3. If that doesn’t give you a thrift store buzz, I don’t know what will. I checked it for stains and tears and it passed the test. Took it home, washed it, removed the awful shoulder pads and this is what I ended up with.

Check out the Zara blazer. My blazer isn’t fitted at the waist like the Zara blazer, but for $3, who’s complaining?

And Olivia Palermo in a Zara blazer.


16 thoughts on “Dressed In: Hot pink blazer, and this is why I thrift

  1. Niiiiice find. I have a pink blazer that I thrifted several weeks ago. The shoulder pads need to be removed, too, I think. Can’t decide so I’ve not worn it yet. Sigh. I like how you’ve worn it with all white. It’s so crisp and summery.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

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