Wearing: Olive, stripes and layers


  • Target cardigan (borrowed from my sister’s closet)
  • Striped tank top (borrowed from my sister’s closet) 🙂 Notice a trend? The label wasn’t visible and I don’t know where she picked it up.
  • H&M cami
  • Express skinny jeans
  • Gap Outlet studded belt
  • Steve Madden Shelbi Wedge Sandal
  • H&M bauble ring
  • Forever21 black stone and gold chain necklace
  • Banana Republic Outlet necklace
  • Bauble Bar studded leather wrap layered with Claire’s, LOFT and F21 bracelets

This is probably more of a fall outfit, but I was feeling the olive color with the stripes of the tank top, so I went with it. I have yet to master the art of layering. Don’t know why I struggle with it so much. But check out the tops, the necklaces and the wrist. Eh?

My sister lives with me so we borrow from each others closet pretty regularly. The only problem with that is sometimes things don’t get returned. Both parties are guilty. I’ll go in to her room to look for something of hers and see something of mine that I’d forgotten about. I’ll put an outfit together and she’ll say, “Nice shirt!” meaning, “That’s my shirt but I forgot about it and now realize you’ve had it all this time.” The only thing we can’t share is shoes and jeans because she’s smaller than me.

I lend my clothes out to my sisters (even shipping them to the three others that live further away). I’ve always loved having so many sisters for this reason, even though we’re all living in different parts of the country now. I also lend clothes to a coworker. She tells me she needs something for an occasion, and I’ll bring her different options from my closet. I don’t mind. I love sharing! Do you and your sisters/friend/coworkers borrow from each other?


9 thoughts on “Wearing: Olive, stripes and layers

  1. OMG – I have that same cardigan!! Got it on clearance @ Target! I love this – I can never get enough of stripes! My sister is 10 yrs older than me, we wear different sizes and have TOTALLY different styles. 😦 I need to find a stylish bff here in NY that I can swap clothes with!

    • I’m pretty sure my sister got it on clearance too. Lol. LOVE Target! I would definitely swap with you if we lived closer! Sounds like you’re tinier than me though! 🙂 Maybe I’ll wear your looser fitting stuff.

  2. So cute!! Seriously, if you haven’t mastered layering, you sure fooled me! This is such a gorgeous look, I love every piece of it!

  3. One of my favorite outfits on you!! I just love olive and don’t care what season it is! I need a pair of darker denim like your jeans! Looking great, lady!

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  5. wow… you really rock my tops! I’ve forgotten about all of those and i don’t think i’ve ever even worn the cardigan. and, just a note–i picked up that Target cardigan, with tags still attached, at goodwill for $1.

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