Wearing: Ever-popular green


  • Old Navy white tee
  • Old Navy skirt
  • Francesca Multi Chain necklace
  • Belt from Rugged Wearhouse (no label)
  • Charlotte Russe studded heels
  • Claire’s bracelets

LOVE this necklace but I don’t wear it enough.

Green has been a popular color lately! I came THIS close to pairing my skirt with a pink top and my new pink wedges! But unknowingly went the same route The Stylish Housewife did. Great minds!

Both of these bloggers also posted green outfits on Monday.

Nany’s Kloset

Da Fashionista

Da Fashionista even posted tons of ‘inspiration’ photos which is what I love about her blog.

Outake edition:

What about that FACE huh?

And then THIS one. Lol

As I was taking my picture, a bug flew at me. Seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Last week I was sitting in a meeting when something flew right into my eye. I, of course, lost it and screamed. (That’s not the best part though, wait for it….) I’m not that squeamish about bugs, but when flies at me (and at my eye), I will jump up and down and I WILL scream. The best part? I thought it was a moth, turns out, it was a cockroach. DISGUSTING. A cockroach flew in my eye. I still shudder thinking about it.


8 thoughts on “Wearing: Ever-popular green

  1. Runs and grabs green skirt to restyle and post as a remix. As much as I like the mixture of pink and green, I found the green and white to be crisp and more appealing. Yuck on the bug being a cockroach and flying into your eye. I cut my cornea once and it was hell awful. I’m afraid of lizards more than bugs, lolol.

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