Wearing: (Confusing?) Blue Colorblock

* I apologize for the photos – I took them early this morning and there was WAY too much sun and I didn’t have time to retake. 😦


  • Express tee (old)
  • Thrifted pencil skirt
  • Jessica Simpson shoes
  • Claire’s Necklace (my new favorite, it goes with everything and was on sale for $2!)
  • LOFT rhinestone bangle (came in a set of three, other two were textured)
  • Goody elastic headbands I posted about here

This is the second time I’ve worn this outfit and I get a lot of comments from men and women alike.

Women: “I LOVE those colors!”, “Love that oufit!” “You look so cute today!”

Men: “What are you wearing?” (that’s my husband) “Feeling blue?” “That’s a lot of blue”

I can only explain my for husband and I believe his confusion lies in the use of analogous colors. If I’m getting comments, whether positive or almost negative, I figure it’s a good thing! Lol.

Most of my pencil skirts are from thrift shops, and I have about five or six. This one is one of my new favorites but is also the one I had the most doubts about when I found it because I wasn’t sure what I’d wear with it. I kid you not, the day I bought it, I saw this photo (Anthropolgie):

INSPIRATION! And while my combo is not quite the same, it was exactly what I needed!

If you’re still unsure about colorblocking, check out this fun colorblocking video from Wendy at Wendy’s Lookbook. It’s so creative and fun! All of her videos are!


6 thoughts on “Wearing: (Confusing?) Blue Colorblock

  1. So I saw your comment by chance on Kendi’s blog and it cracks me up that you get such a gendered response. I think it is working, so I wouldn’t worry. Haha.

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