Little Unknown (Shopping!) Places: Rugged Wearhouse

I live in an area where the shopping really is not that great and if you shop at the local retail places, you end up owning the same thing as your coworker and friends. NOT that I’m against shopping big retail names, I love Target, LOFT, Old Navy and Forever21 gear – NOR am I against not wearing or owning something that another woman owns. But let’s just be honest, I do want to have a few pieces that no one else has seen or owns. But that doesn’t mean I don’t share where I got it! I love to dish on my latest scores!

I drove by Rugged Wearhouse on my way to the mall for years. The name makes me think of hikers, bikers and mountain climbers. So I assumed that’s the type of gear they carried. One of my sisters finally convinced me I needed to stop in and check it out because they carried mall brands at low, low prices. So one day, I did. It’s been a few years now since that first trip and there have been many, many trips since. I’ve scored on very cheap and trendy items there.

Here’s who they are, in their own words: The Rugged Wearhouse concept, developed from the value/price-driven philosophy, caters to the needs of young, contemporary adults with such products as men and women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories. The core of our merchandise mix is casual, contemporary fashion..

I’ve seen labels in here that include: Forever21, Express, Loft, Nike, Adidas, Old Navy and Gap. A majority of their items are less than $12.99. Even shoes, especially shoes. Boots usually run a little higher, but no more than $19.99. Now, these are not your designer shoes of course. But if you’re looking to try a trend out or just looking for a ‘look for less’, this is the place to go! I recently picked up a pair of hot pink Hurley shorts and a pair of Express denim cutoffs for $12.99 each. (You’ll see them in future outfit posts, I guarantee it.)

Rugged is a hit or miss kinda place but I was in there yesterday during my lunch break and it was a definite HIT day. Here’s photos of what I found.

A studded clutch with a chain link strap in black, cognac and beige color options. From “Depeche Mode” on clearance for $7. I seriously wanted to snag this sweetie up.

Nude studded wedges from Bamboo – $12.99

Bamboo canvas espadrilles available in blue, red and tan – perfect to complete the nautical look that is all over the trend alerts right now – $12.99.

kelly&katie gladiator sandals – I’ve never heard of this brand but if I hadn’t already found my perfect gladiators, these would have come home with me for $12.99! What a steal!

Flirty tank tops from “Coolwear” for $12.99.

Shorts with floral belts! LOVED these. The label was “WE<3U Celebrity Pink Jeans” $12.99 each.

Express sequin tank top – $12.99 – this was the Express rack. There were some great items on here as well as another rack of Express dresses – all priced at $12.99 or lower.

I also fell in love with this boxy zebra printed top. Sadly, not available in my size. $12.99

What do you think? Does this look like somewhere you’d love to shop? Do you already shop here or somewhere similar? Don’t know if there’s one near you? find out!

Another place I like to shop that carries discount items – The Jesus Store, see my post here!


3 thoughts on “Little Unknown (Shopping!) Places: Rugged Wearhouse

    • I have to admit, I did think of you when I saw those espadrilles because of your post on the Gap ones! ❤

      So one of my rules is that if I see something, put it back and still think about it and AGONIZE over it, I outta go back and get it. And if it's still there, it's meant to be. I know I'm not the only who does this, right? Right?

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