Wearing: Not your simple LBD

The details really make this dress, although I’m not crazy about them. I shy away from wrap style dresses and skirts because they’re just not very mom-friendly, flattering as they are. (Sorry, DVF lovers.) You can’t pick up and hold your kids or get them in and out of an SUV very easily when your dress is threatening to pop open at any moment. I actually did expose an entire thigh putting my kids in the car, but it was all in the name of fashion. I also had a hard time concentrating in meetings at work since I had to constantly make sure my dress wasn’t slowly starting to part.

I did, however receive a ton of compliments on this dress, so you know it’s gonna be a keeper. Honestly, all it really takes for me is one compliment to seal the deal. 😉 Husband also told me I looked EXTRA good  in this so if he’s pleased, I think I can own one item that he likes. He gets very opinionated about my clothing choices, he will openly express when he hates and loves something. For example, he hated THIS outfit. I loved it.

Here’s a photo of the back of the dress, it has an exposed zipper which I DO like.

This dress comes in an array of colors. Orange, purple, teal, pink, heather gray, olive and black.  So you can have your pick of what color you need!

What do you think of the way I styled this? I feel like it’s missing something, but I can’t figure out what. I thought the super chunky ring and the leopard heels would be enough, but I still felt like I need something. Maybe I just felt that way because it’s a black dress? Or, I’m just used to my statement necklaces and felt naked without one. I think that’s the real issue here.



9 thoughts on “Wearing: Not your simple LBD

  1. I have it in orange…I like it with a bold black necklace (I have one that looks like shiny black bubbles – super versatile) or a wide black elastic belt.

    I’ll probably try to find a way to secure the faux wrap skirt though…you could show *a lot* of thigh in this one. But the styling is so cute that it’s worth it. 🙂

  2. Love this tried; tried it on but too big at the top. 😦 Was considering getting it altered (bc LOVE the zipper detailing in the back) but decided it wasn’t worth it. Think it’s awesome. For night, would look killer with a great bold bangle. Otherwise, perfect as-is for day. Nice find!
    alyson — http://www.theaveragegirlsguide.com

    • Aww, that’s too bad Alyson! Mossimo sizing does tend to run a bit large. I think this dress is going to get some great mileage in my closet! 🙂

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