Wearing: The pleated skirt that almost wasn’t

Been really busy so I’m a bit behind on outfit posts. I wore this outfit on Tuesday. I’ve had this skirt for at least three years now. Bought it from Goodwill. It’s been missing for about six months, maybe longer because I remember wanting to pair it with gray tights for the fall. Couldn’t find it ANY.WHERE. Clothes have a way of disappearing – especially my favorite ones. I loan out to my sisters and friends quite often (and of course, it’s always my favorite pieces because I don’t give second-rate items) so I also have a hard time remembering who has what. I asked my sister if she’d seen a pleated skirt and she gave me a blank stare like she didn’t know what I was talking about. A few weeks ago, she came to me laughing and said, “Look what I found?!” And held up the pleated skirt I’d lost sleep over. (Not really because your girl can sleep, but you know what I mean.) I asked her where she found it and she said it was at the bottom of her ‘donate’ pile. I tried really hard to withhold the steam that was starting to come out of my ears. MY skirt, in HER donate pile? Nuh uh girrrrrl.


  • Thrifted pleated skirt ~ $7
  • Random belt I bought at Rugged Wearhouse (any other Rugged shoppers out there?) ~ $4
  • Old Navy blouse ~$3
  • Flea market necklace $2
  • Charlotte Russe heels $5
  • H&M Camisole $5.80
  • Bracelet that I’ve had forever and can’t remember anything about it besides that 😛

Go me! I’m pretty sure this entire outfit cost me less than $30. I put a little “~” where I can’t remember the exact price.

By the way, the H&M camisoles are a closet staple of mine. I have one in the taupe color (I’m wearing in this post) and about three or four each in black and white. I love them because they’re long enough to tuck in and they don’t have the built-in shelf which I can’t stand. The straps are also adjustable. I picked up two more this past weekend when I was in the Atlanta area visiting my mom. Check ’em out if you’ve never tried them! #1 reason I love them – they are CHEAP! And last a long time!


3 thoughts on “Wearing: The pleated skirt that almost wasn’t

  1. Beautiful skirt! And what a steal that it’s thrifted. I’ve been trying to find a pleated skirt but not willing to shell out big bucks for one.

  2. I’ve been trying to find a white, pleated skirt like this that’ll match some of my Hmong accessories. This one is very nice because it looks lightweight and it hits a perfect length; not too long not too short. Cute!

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