Wearing: Ever-popular green


  • Old Navy white tee
  • Old Navy skirt
  • Francesca Multi Chain necklace
  • Belt from Rugged Wearhouse (no label)
  • Charlotte Russe studded heels
  • Claire’s bracelets

LOVE this necklace but I don’t wear it enough.

Green has been a popular color lately! I came THIS close to pairing my skirt with a pink top and my new pink wedges! But unknowingly went the same route The Stylish Housewife did. Great minds!

Both of these bloggers also posted green outfits on Monday.

Nany’s Kloset

Da Fashionista

Da Fashionista even posted tons of ‘inspiration’ photos which is what I love about her blog.

Outake edition:

What about that FACE huh?

And then THIS one. Lol

As I was taking my picture, a bug flew at me. Seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Last week I was sitting in a meeting when something flew right into my eye. I, of course, lost it and screamed. (That’s not the best part though, wait for it….) I’m not that squeamish about bugs, but when flies at me (and at my eye), I will jump up and down and I WILL scream. The best part? I thought it was a moth, turns out, it was a cockroach. DISGUSTING. A cockroach flew in my eye. I still shudder thinking about it.


Wearing: Hot pink and chambray

I’m doing SUCH a good job incorporating color into my summer wardrobe. I’m pretty proud of myself. *pats self on back*


  • Target Converse Chambray blouse
  • Thrifted pencil skirt
  • Jessica Simpson nude slingbacks
  • Claire’s necklace
  • Charlotte Russe Ring

I picked up this skirt at Goodwill a couple weeks ago along with an oversize black patent clutch. I was thrilled with my finds – I paid about six dollars for both. You can’t do better than that!

The necklace has become an amazingly repeatable accessory – thank you to my baby sis Gaowie who bought it for me! (She reads my blog and was upset I didn’t give her a shoutout, so…shoutout and credit where it’s due – check.) I’ve worn it at LEAST twice a week every week since I’ve received it from my sister. My fellow fashionista coworker told me yesterday that she’d noticed I have been wearing this necklace a lot and how it goes with everything and that she needed to get herself one too. Here’s why it works – it’s like pearls (that go with everything) because of it’s color, but is not as dressy. The opaque white beads are a perfect match for pretty much everything in my closet. It’s a statement necklace without being over the top. It came from Claire’s and was only $2! Does anyone shop there anymore for jewelry besides me? You can get some great deals on very trendy jewelry!

Wearing: Ruffles and Banana Republic eyelet shorts


  • Target ruffle tank top
  • Banana Republic Outlet white eyelet shorts
  • Bongo Zarina sandals with chain from Kmart – I love these! I wasn’t too sure about the glitter but it looks so pretty – I can’t think of any other way to describe them! They look great against my tan.
  • American Eagle watch
  • Bauble Bar studded leather wrap
  • Charlotte Russe rhinestone hoops
  • Mimi Boutique Justina Satchel

My sisters and I went shopping on Saturday. Took baby sis who was visiting from Georgia to the Jesus Store (what is the Jesus Store?) and the outlets. Funny that she comes up here and wants to go shopping when she has much better shopping in the Atlanta area, but alas, no big sister to take her shopping down there. She also doesn’t know as many ‘spots’ in the ATL area as I do in South Carolina.

I bought this pair of Nine West espadrilles from The Jesus Store for $18 and some change.

Nine West Jaxson Wedge $55.30 at Macy’s.

I also scored a black sparkly skirt from the Gap Outlet for a mere $3.44 that will be perfect for the fall and winter. I’m excited to pair it with a beautiful Ann Taylor shell I also got on clearance, I think it’d make a great holiday party outfit. Am I thinking too far ahead? See my picture of the skirt here.

I had a fantastic weekend! Hope you did too!

Wearing: My casual Friday look

I have a hard time doing casual – hence the name ‘My Dressy Ways’. 🙂 While most people in my office come in with tees and jeans on Fridays, I still roll in with a dressy top, heels and accessories. In the summertime I do somewhat loathe casual Fridays because I’d rather be in a cool and comfy dress than jeans, it’s just too hot in South Carolina!


  • Old Navy dotted tee (so loose and comfy!)
  • Target skinny jeans (I’ve had these forever and they’re my favorite)
  • Steve Madden Shelbi wedge sandal from DSW (sold out)
  • Forever21 Feather Chain Necklace (sold out in jade – available in black and pink)
  • Bauble Bar studded leather wrap mixed with my J. Crew wrap and tons of random arm candy from my stash!
  • H&M bauble ring
  • Mimi Boutique Justina Satchel in beige

I’m in love with my new necklace from Forever 21. Bib necklaces can be a bit heavy, but because of the feathers, this necklace makes a big statement without the weight! It’s a great piece to dress up an otherwise plain top.

(from Instagram)

My parents (who live in Georgia) stopped by on their way up to my aunt’s house in North Carolina and dropped off my baby sister for the night. We went out to our favorite Thai place for dinner and then went to see Something Borrowed. FINALLY. It was so good! I’ve read all of Emily Giffin’s books and if you haven’t read Something Borrowed, put it on your summer reading list!

Disney and a peek of me in mommy mode

I promise I won’t bore you with hundreds of images of my family in Disney. It really is a magical place and one that we found did bring out the kid in us. I grew up in the Midwest where we had the Dells. My husband grew up in California where he had Disneyland. We have been in the South for a little over ten years and this was the first trip to Disney World for all four of us. We didn’t stay long and didn’t do all the Disney parks. We went to Seaworld, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and also made a trip out to Cocoa Beach.

Knowing that I’d have two kids in tow, my packing consisted of shorts and tops. I should have packed tennis shoes but I didn’t think that 10+ hours on my feet would be THAT painful. Would the tennis shoes even have helped? I don’t know. I doubt there’s a pair of shoes that can handle and support that kind of wear on your feet. I also have really flat feet so walking around in flat sandals all day really does a number on me.


  • LOFT 1×1 tank top in chocolate
  • Express denim shorts bought at Rugged Wearhouse – I LOVE these. They have some stretch in them which makes them SO comfortable
  • Old Navy Flip Flops
  • Bauble Bar studded leather wrap


  • Target tie dye tank top
  • Hurley shorts I bought at Rugged Wearhouse (I LOVE these)
  • Steve Madden Shelbi Sandals from DSW different color than mine, no longer available in the tan that I have
  • Claire’s sunglasses


  • Eugenia Kim for Target hat
  • Claire’s sunglasses
  • Target Mossimo tank top
  • Target shorts
  • Madden Girl gladiator sandals

In the first photo of this outfit, I had pig tails and a hat. Notice they’re no longer there? The pig tails over my chest in THAT heat were unbearable. I ended up taking them out and putting my hair up.

The Disney outfits – that’s me on most summer weekends. Casual and comfortable as I run around with the kids. I also wore my hair up and away most of the time in order to stay cool. The Goody elastic headbands I included on my Top 5 Summer Beauty Picks were a lifesaver. I have pretty thin hair and it makes me hot already, so I don’t know you thick tress girls do it. Although I do wish I had that problem.

I just love this one of my boys. Daddy is all geeked out while Roman is just cool as a cucumber in the presence of his hero, Buzz Lightyear. He was NOT having Santa this past Christmas so I was a bit worried about him meeting all the characters, but he actually did great! He shook hands, hugged and posed for photos like a champ. He’s so unpredictable. I just never know what I’m going to get with this guy!

One of my favorite pictures I snapped of the kids at Cocoa Beach.

It was a great vacation, I hope to return to Disney for a longer stay when the kids get older so we can do all the parks. I give props to you moms that do all the parks. Whew, I was exhausted just doing a few of them!

Wearing: Maxi dresses – the new black!


  • Derek Heart maxi dress
  • H&M (trusty) cami
  • Target cardigan
  • Kohls studded strap wedges
  • H&M bauble ring
  • Forever 21 bracelet
  • Claire’s earrings

I recently picked up a Forever 21 maxi dress from my coworker who bought it online and found it to be too small for her. I wore it out to celebrate my birthday with the girls and when I saw the pictures, I thought, “Wow, I look REALLY tall and thin.” (I’m 5’1″.)

Here’s a picture of me in the dress I bought from my coworker. I think the pattern of the dress also helps with the long and lean illusion. This one is actually a bit shorter than I usually like my maxi dresses to be, but it turned out ok. I don’t like that the length of maxi dresses has come up a couple inches – is that a part of the recession too? 😉 I like my maxis to graze the floor when I’m wearing tall shoes.

So ladies, I’m going to say maxi’s are the new black. As in in, slimming, lengthening black. Make sure you pair a long floor skimming maxi with tall wedges for the full effect.

Forever 21 Tie Dye Stripes Maxi – $19.80 I love this dress! Might have to snatch this up!

LC Lauren Conrad Striped Tiered Dress – $45.00 I love the fullness of the bottom tiers!

Ten Hearts Paisley Maxi dress – $43.10 I am a sucker for paisley. The ruffle top is so romantic. I can see myself wearing this for a stroll down the beach, flip flops in hand….

Love Maxi Dress – $76.00 I love the simplicity and color of this dress; makes it very versatile. Style this with a tee and blazer to make into a maxi skirt. Add a pop of color with red, coral or turquoise. The options really are endless with a dress like this!

Wearing: Forever 21 Chevron Stripes Dress

I. Love. This. Dress.

The end.


Lots of compliments on the dress at work. My coworker is borrowing it for the weekend.