Wearing: LOFT Animal print

With a cardi for the office!

And without a cardi to head to the neighbors for a graduation BBQ.


Details, details:

This tank top in Dusty Rose was my attempt to add some color to my wardrobe! Something brighter than the usual taupe, olive, gray, brown and black that I’m consistently drawn to. But get this, I also just bought a new dress in a similar color. Do you ever notice that once you buy one item, similar items or colors seem to follow? Kind of like when you’re thinking about buying a new car, every car that passes you happens to be the car you’re wanting to buy? Hmmm.

A note about the shoes. These actually have a skinny and short wedge heel that I find a little hard to walk in. I was pretty sure I was going to sprain my ankles yesterday. These are far more dangerous than my four inch heels!

And that shrub that looks like it’s dying, we just replanted it over the weekend. My husband usually takes care of all the landscaping/outdoors ‘stuff’ but I hardly see him anymore so I thought I’d head out there with him so we could spend some together. Fun, right? ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m worried that the shrubs we replanted are going to die – because every plant I touch dies – but he assures me they’ll be ok. We’ll see. I’m a bit nervous at this point.


5 thoughts on “Wearing: LOFT Animal print

    • LOL. That is good! I agree! I’ve always shied away from animal print, but I’m warming up to it and even wearing it to the office!

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