Save 50% (or more) on professional hair products!

So many sites like Living Social and Groupon popping up now! It’s hard to keep up! BUT – you can score some great deals if you buy the right things!

Today’s deal that caught my eye is a site I’ve heard of but have not yet become a member of – Eversave. Today’s Eversave offer is $25 for $50 of product from which carries brands like, CHI, Bumble and Bumble, Hot Tools and Korres, just to name a few. Find the complete list here.

Eversave also offers more credit opportunities than Living Social and Groupon. You can get a $2 Save Reward for just sharing the site with your friends! AND – if you spend $100 on, you can get $10 in Save Rewards and free shipping. (Read all the details above – there’s a lot of ways to save with this deal!)

If you’re a first time member, you get an instant $3 Save Reward! So you’ll pay $22 for $50 of products! I took the bait! I need to buy Bb Styling Lotion and Thickening Spray, Prep and Thickening Spray but the last two items are out of stock. I have until April 30th of next year, so I’m hoping these two items will be in stock soon!

Click here to purchase the deal!


One thought on “Save 50% (or more) on professional hair products!

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