I Try (and Buy) Banana Republic Outlet Shorts

A couple weeks ago I had to to hit the outlets for an exchange. My sweet husband bought me an outfit for Mother’s Day and although he got the right label size, the clothes fit far too large. He did GOOD though. I loved the outfit he picked for me, which I’m sure will pop up on here soon.

BR outlet had a 50% off sale the day we went and to my delight, there were a TON of new summer items that I loved. I’ve been on the lookout for white shorts and the first thing that caught my eye upon entrance was a pair of white eyelet shorts.

All the shorts I tried on were the “Ryan Fit”. I found the fit to be perfect for me and exactly what I need at my age. 🙂 They were $39.50 plus 50% off.

The first pair I tried was the white eyelet material. I love these because let’s face it, white is HARD to wear. You have to be sure that it’s not see through! These were made perfectly. No panties showing through!

I also fell in love with a pair of olive with black print shorts that to me, reminded me of the top of a screw. Two half circles.

Same Ryan Fit shorts in an gray-ish olive khaki color. These had a button on each tab. A small detail that I loved. In this photo, I’m also wearing the top my husband bought me. I wish I could tell you how much it cost, but I didn’t look. I’m weird like that. I don’t like to know how much a gift someone gives me costs (no matter how low or high) – even my own husband. I thinks it’s…rude? Haha. Is that weird??

I loved them all and had the hardest time deciding which one to take home with me! I knew I definitely wanted the white eyelet and was torn as to whether I should get a second pair and if so, which??? I loved the olive with black print because they were so unique but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it into as many combinations as I would be able to with the solid pair.  After MUCH discussion and hemming and hawing from me, we both agreed the olive with black print were the best pick.

I’m looking to pair the white ones with my Steve Madden Shelbi sandals for a casual look and my Chinese Laundry Sassyfras platforms (see them on me here) for a sassier look. The olive with black print will look great with my Charlotte Russe cork wedges (see them on me here) or one of my simple black flip flops. I have endless tops to go with the white pair and I’m struggling with the olive and black print, but I’m hoping something will just pop out at me! I actually really like the look of my olive Loft blouse that I had on in the fitting room, but South Carolina’s getting a little too hot for that!

One of the reasons why I struggled with the printed pair was EXACTLY because I didn’t feel I’d get enough pairings out of it. In my frugal shopping ways, I always buy things that I know will give me multiple outfit options. Friends and coworkers think that I never wear the same thing twice, but if they only knew! I mix my favorite go-to pieces all the time. I don’t think they realize it because depending on how you style the outfit, you draw attention to different parts it.


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