Great deal on Revlon nail polish at CVS!

CVS has a great deal on Revlon nail polishes this week! I believe I’ve mentioned before that Revlon is my favorite drug store brand for nail polishes. There aren’t a ton of colors to select from – but the polish is of great quality and they do a good job of putting out a few trendy colors, which is really all you need!

This week, you can get $4 Extra Care Bucks back for purchasing a bottle of nail polish at $4.99 a bottle. Extra Care Bucks is CVS ‘money’ that prints on your receipt which you can then use to purchase more items at any CVS. (You have to have a CVS card and scan it with each purchase. It’s free to sign up.)  You can get up to six bottles with this deal. What I suggest you doing is ‘multiple transactions’, meaning, buy one bottle of nail polish and use the $4 ECBs you get back to buy a second bottle.  Here’s what your transaction would look like:

Pay $4.99 +tax for 1 Bottle of Revlon Nail Color
Get $4 ECBs back on bottom of receipt

Buy 1 bottle of Revlon nail color
Use $4 ECBs from previous purchase
Pay $.99 +tax for second bottle AND get $4 ECBs back

You end up paying $5.98 +tax out of pocket and will end up with $4 ECBs left over, which means you’re getting two bottles for $1.98 +tax.

My summertime favorite is a Barbie pink called “Sweet Tart”. It’s a bubble gum pink and looks great against a tan on fingers and toes. I love it and am on my SECOND bottle since I started using it a year ago. Not sure if it’s still available, but look for it!

On the opposite end, a great color for fall and winter, is my other favorite, a gorgeous deep, dark burgundy color called “Vixen”. It’s a fantastic alternative to a black manicure because it’s dark but not black. It’s very sexy (as the name implies) and looks great on short nails.

Let me know if you have any questions on CVS Extra Care Bucks or Revlon nail color. I’m no expert, but I’d love to help you save on these great polishes this week!


2 thoughts on “Great deal on Revlon nail polish at CVS!

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