I Went Shopping at Target!

As posted in my previous blog entry, there are some great Target apparel coupons available online. I went to my local target to get a couple things that were on my wishlist.The first dress is the Mossimo Draped Elasticdress which is $24.99 regular price. I could only find it in a small which fit a bit larger at the chest than the XS that I previously bought in the seawood color did. It’s also longer, so I may have to get it hemmed up a tad.

The next dress is the Mossimo Sateen Dress at $27.99 regular price. I had been eying the black online but there was also a khaki color in-store which I loved. So I snatched them both up to try on.

It fit like a glove.

But wait….what’s this????

Wow. We want to hide the pooch, not enhance and create it! The dress has pleats from the waistline up to the chest and again from the waistline down. The latter causes the fabric to bunch up no matter how you adjust it which causes the pooch. It looked TERRIBLE! What a disappointment since I really loved how this dress fit otherwise!

Here it is in khaki – I loved this color too! Target’s site actually says the color is beige, but I think khaki is a better description of the color.

I picked up the Mossimo Drapey Racerback tank because I loved the coral color and the flowiness of the chiffon overlay. The color was much brighter in person than in my picture below and the website. Regular price: $17.99

But I didn’t like the seam down the front middle of the top – see the puckering along the seam?

The black and white striped skirt above was an Xhileration mini skirt for $12.99. Bodycon style. Wish I could rock this ladies, but I can’t. It looks great in the front, but not so much in the back since I’m lacking junk in tha trunk. 😉 It was really cute but late night outs are pretty few and far between these days. If you’re looking for something like this, I highly recommend!

The only item I went home with was the first dress – the Mossimo Drape Dress. I’m hoping to find it in an XS in one of the other stores and exchange it but if not, I’ll keep it. It will still be wearable with some slight alterations.

Happy Target shopping!


5 thoughts on “I Went Shopping at Target!

  1. Thanks for heads up on the target coupons! There’s some summer dresses there I’ve been eyeing. The striped skirt looks fabulous on you. I have that mommy pouch and can’t pull it off.

    • Hi! Welcome to my blog! 🙂 I absolutely agree with you about the idea being nice, but the execution – not so much. So glad I could try the dress on before I bought because it would have been a major disappointment! But I’m still very sad that it didn’t work out because it would have been the perfect dress otherwise!


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