Target Apparel and Beauty Coupons

There are some great Target apparel coupons available right now!
  • $3 off Mossimo women’s apparel item
  • $2 off Women’s top
  • $3 off Merona sandal of $15 or more (Men’s or Women’s)
  • $2 off Women’s sunglasses

Beauty Coupons:

  • $1 off Revlon cosmetics item (My favorite drug store brand nail polish)
  • $1 off Salley Hansen item (LOVE the salon nail strips)
  • $1 off TRESemme hair care item (going to try my luck at the dry shampoo which is out of stock EVERYWHERE)

I bought this Mossimo draped elastic dress after seeing it on Kendi Everyday and LOVE it. I also want to get in in black, so I’m hoping they’ll still have it in my size! Online, the XS is not available, but I found it in-store, although in very limited quantities.

Regular price: $24.99, after $3 coupon: $21.99.

This Mossimo Sateen Dress has been in my shopping cart for weeks. It’s a great staple dress to add to the closet!

Regular price: $27.99, after $3 coupon: $24.99.

Print two coupons out (print one at a time). I also signed up for Target mobile coupons and received the $3 off Mossimo apparel as well, so maybe I’ll be able to stack the coupons, or pick up another item.

Let me know if you use the coupons to pick up something! Click here to print.


3 thoughts on “Target Apparel and Beauty Coupons

  1. You're welcome Katie! Target offers apparel coupons every now and then…and they usually go quickly! Hope you get some great pieces with the coupons!

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