My Hermes Look For Less

The Hermes “Collier de Chien” is on RueLaLa today for the hefty price tag of $1,199. It’s already sold out, in case you were interested. 😉

I bought a great dupe of it from Target a couple months ago. i can’t remember if it was $14.99 or $16.99, either way. What a saving from the price of the Hermes, right? I love my leather cuff bracelet. This was the perfect addition to my growing tough chick jewelry.

Target also has some other leather and metal bracelets that I’m keeping my eye on in hopes the price will drop. Go check ’em out! You’ll find them at the jewelry counter at Target – not the shelf.


4 thoughts on “My Hermes Look For Less

  1. hey hey I didn't know Target sells nice jewelry. I don't live in the states so we don't have a Target here. When I do visit Target I usually check out the make up there. I live in Vancouver BC : ) Just to reply your comment on my blog : ) Most of the time I reply to comments within my blog but while I'm here thought I'd let you know.

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