Outfit Post: Swing Skirt

  • GAP cardigan – really, really old
  • Target tank top
  • Forever 21 skirt
  • Dolce Vita for Target wedges
  • Bangles from Claire’s (two different sets I wore together) – And yes, I still shop there because I love their 10 items for $10 sales, which is how I scored these! 

I was looking for a striped skirt and on a recent trip to the Atlanta area, found this skirt at Forever 21. And I love it, especially at the price tag of $14.80! I paired it with Dolce Vita for Target wedges that my sister picked up for me for $7. We do that for each other all the time because we wear different sizes and somehow always spot a gasp worthy item in the other person’s size. It was Monday and I struggled with styling this outfit so I decided to add the bangles for some additional color. I love these, but they’re hard to wear to work because I’m at a keyboard all day. I’m sure my cubemates appreciate the clanging too. So here’s how they ended up when I was at my desk.

Mondays are hard to dress for work because all weekend I’ve been in comfy tees.  It take me until about Wednesday until I start to get some inspiration for putting outfits together. And then it’s the weekend and I start all over again! Hah. At least I was comfortable yesterday. That’s usually what I go for on Monday morning.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Swing Skirt

  1. I really love the simplicity, yet the different patterns/colors of this outfit. Those shoes really elongate your legs and I adore the color! How sweet it is that your sisters will pick up an item for you. Awe! If Cadence took these pictures, shes doing such a good job! The lighting is awesome & makes your neighborhood looke so Wisteria lane. 🙂

  2. Love the bracelets! My outfits are generally dressy on Monday and then get more and more casual through the week… its like I cant wait for jeans when I cant wear them and then I swoon for dressing up when I can lounge in sweatpants all day 🙂

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