Outfit Post: Flares are back! Lessons learned.

UPDATE! See how the pro (…love Maegan) wears a dress as a shirt. Here and here!Wore my flare jeans and platform wedges I got from Charlotte Russe via a twitter giveaway that I won from BudgetBabe.

I’ve never owned a pair of Charlotte Russe jeans but did you know their jeans come in three different lengths? Short, Regular and Long. I am 5’1″ and have a 27 inch inseam so I usually end up having to hem my jeans and pants. The pair I have on are the Low Rise Flare. I THINK it’s these. They have a bit of stretch in them so they are very, very comfortable. Husband was very approving of these. At first sight, he said, “Wow. You look HOT!” And then later that evening, “You know, I’m glad you’re finally starting to dress in long lean clothes again.” Meaning: the skinnies weren’t working for me. Haha. And yes, I was REALLY intimidated by skinnies at first, but then managed to start loving them – but mostly with boots. Flares do wonders for my short legs and these jeans from Charlotte Russe in particular do wonders for my behind. I have a noticeable lack of junk in the trunk and these jeans add some inventory.

I’ve followed blogs for years now and have learned so many tricks to extending the pieces in my closet. One of my favorite and most creative bloggers is Maegan from …love Maegan. In one of her posts, she wears a dress as a shirt by belting it and then pulling the length of the dress through. I’m pretty sure that I got this idea from her, but I can’t remember which post it was! (I tried to search, but no luck.) This ‘top’ is actually a dress from Wet Seal that is too short for work, but it was new and like all my new lovelies, I couldn’t wait to wear it, so I found a way to disguise it for work. I added a skinny belt to the dress and then pulled it through – you can tell if you look at the bottom of it – but if I didn’t TELL you, would you know?

This dress has a ruffled top which I love. here’s what it looks like on the model. $18.80 from Wet Seal.

Buy here. It’s also available in a pink blush color, which is really the one I wanted but they were sold out of my size and the store didn’t have it.

I felt very hippie in my flare jeans, ruffle dress ‘top’ and platforms.  I caught my reflection in a glass window as I walked by and thought I was back in high school again. Haha.

Seriously though, I was young and cleaned out my closet of all the platforms, flares and bell bottoms when they went ‘out of style’ and now I’m kicking myself. Lesson learned though – I will start hanging on to pieces that I know will come back around, but having that kind of wisdom requires some age and experience, which I now have. ;P Plus, my daughter already LOVES my closet and all of it’s contents that I lovingly pick out and I want her to proudly walk into my closet some day and wear my ‘vintage’ pieces. She already begs for my scarves which she fashions into wrap dresses, my jewelry and my shirts and skirts which become dressses…so I hope to hang on that.

What about you? What fashion lessons or tips have you learned?


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Flares are back! Lessons learned.

  1. Heck yeah! Looking great as always, love. I adore that top! I mean….err, dress! What a great way to utilize one piece as several. Love that! The pictures are awesome…if Cadence took them again for you. She's getting good! Haha. I bet Cadence will be one of the most fashionable ladies when she gets older. How sweet of you. Fashion tips or lessons? Honestly, for me…it's what 'not' to do. Like…buy items on clearance, JUST BECAUSE they're on clearance without me loving it. Oh…and also learning how to properly wash garmets, so I don't destroy them after the first wear! Haha. Too funny. I'd love to see more…wooo hoooo!

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